New renderings available

23 June 2014


Here is a new rendering of the boat. We hope you like it. More renderings are available in the gallery section.



Arrangements for a full size boat are going on. Testing of the scale model is also continuing.


Walter Hart




More detailed design of the boat

10 March 2014

In recent months, the boat has gotten a more definite form. The weight has been reduced by 25 kg from 190 kg to 165 kg. Many design decisions on the construction have been taken. The frame, the mast, the rail, the winches, the boards, the fin boxes and the rudders have been redesigned according to the latest insights. 


Many of the drawings on this website have been renewed. More will be added soon.

We have also contacted several suppliers of the parts of the boat in order to make preliminary arrangements for a full size boat. 

In the coming months, we will modify the scale model according to the specifications of the full size boat and perform more testing. We will also continue the preliminary arrangements for a full size boat. 


Walter Hart




A new angle on sailing

Fast and spectacular sailboats capture our minds. Fascinating projects have been developed, such as Sailrocket, l'Hydroptere, Macquarie Innovation and lately the AC72. Wiebel Sailing enters the race. Wiebel is based on a combination of sailing technology and windsurfing technology. In certains ways, Wiebel mimicks the behaviour of a windsurfboard. In other ways, Wiebel incorporates aspects of multi-hulls. In particular, Wiebel has been developed with an eye on Sailrocket. Thus, Wiebel combines the best of both windsurfing and sailing. The high speed, great manoeuverability. and planing behaviour of windsurfing is combined with the size, the teamsport and the seaworthiness of multihulls. This combination results in the fastest and most spectacular sailboats ever, and a unique proposition to the sailing community.